June 15, 2024, was another memorable day that God made possible for us as a ministry to gather and look back at the 50 years of impact we have made so far and also to project into the next 50 years. We had a powerful panel discussion with well-seasoned panelists on the topic: 50 years of ministry in Ghana—relevance 50 years on.

Our panelists included Rev. Francis Yaw Boamah, an author and Head Pastor of the Legon Interdenominational Church (an Evangelical Church based on the campus of the University of Ghana), and Dr. Mrs. Theodosia Adanu, the Director of Balme Library (University of Ghana), the largest library in West Africa.

It was a fruitful time as the panelists shared passionately about their journeys with the Ghana Navigators and what has worked as far as life-on-life discipleship is concerned. They also touched on what has not worked over the years and the lessons we can learn from them as the ministry trusts God for the next 50 years.

A few of the profound statements that were made during the discussion are captured below.
“The answer to divorce and societal problems is discipleship”. Rev Boamah. This statement was made in light of the fact that there has been an increase in the rate of divorce in recent times, especially among Christians, and Rev. was of the view that the only solution is discipleship.
He again mentioned that discipleship is effective if it is seen as friendship before function. By this, Rev meant that discipleship must always start with friendships, then a little bit of fun activities, and ultimately the Bible comes in. This method, he believes, has worked very well for the ministry over the years.

“If every parent will disciple their children and help them grow in their faith, there will be no need to go to the high schools to do discipleship.”. Dr. Mrs. Theodosia Adanu. That means that if every couple were to take the pain to disciple their children, we should be halfway through solving the problems of society. This calls for self-reflection and examination to see where we are lagging, so we can make amends where needed.
Dr. Theodosia also remarked that, as a ministry, we must not lose sight of having small discipleship meetings in the home setting because it played a crucial role in their discipleship journeys with the Navigators missionaries in Ghana.

We are grateful to God for how far He’s brought us as far as preparations and organizing of various anniversary events are concerned.  We thank everyone for their immense support thus far. Lest we forget, a special thank you to our panelists, the anniversary events team, and the communications team, who continue to work tirelessly to make sure these events are successful.

As we prepare for the climax on July 26–28, 2024, we implore everyone, including you reading this news, to be our special guest as we mark this remarkable milestone.
Thank you

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