Missions have always been an integral part of the Navigators of Ghana because we believe that discipleship, which is our calling, is not independent. Given this, the ministry always undertakes missions to the unreached and under-reached, both in rural and urban areas in Ghana every year.

Just last week, members of the Ghana Leadership Team (GLT) and Disciple-Maker Leader Trainees (DMLT), including the National Director numbering up to 14, visited Kokofu Anuaso for a missions’ survey. Kokofu Anuaso is a rural area in the Ashanti region, and it is predominantly a farming community characterized by Christianity, Islam, and African traditional religions.

In pursuit of the Ghana Navigators’ 5-year strategy, the ministry aims to establish a 3E ministry in Kokofu Anuaso as part of the expansion plan. But the big question is how the people in this community should be engaged. During the three days in this village, the team prayerfully and strategically devised a plan for the above question. As part of the plan, the team saw the need to strategically empower the man of peace in the community economically.

So, during the period, the National Director cut sod for the construction of a poultry coup/structure, which would later be stocked with birds. That is to help establish that lasting relationship with the community through this man of peace (Kwame). The digging of trenches took place the same day, and members of the team, including the National Director, were all involved.

Take a look at the highlights from the participants

“I was fascinated by the story of, “Why Kokofu”? I saw how God cares for all of us and how he can use different means to draw us to himself”. Naa Adjeley.

“God draws my heart, but I think about the destination. I don’t need to be afraid. I only need to ask God for clarity”.  Hannah Welbeck.

Although the mission’s survey has ended, the real work has just started. Think about how you can support this good course with your resources and prayers as we pursue this vision together.

  1. Pray for Kwame (the man of peace) and his family that the light lit in their home will spread to other homes.
  2. Pray for God’s financial resources for the hen structure or coup that is currently under construction. Pray that the project will be successful and will benefit Kwame’s family.
  3. Pray that this drive to Kofofu Anuaso will yield the needed results and that in three years, this light in Kwame’s home will get to ten other homes.

The team is grateful for your continuous prayer and financial support towards this mission’s survey.


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