Youth Camp 2021


Open for all. You, your family, friends, School or work colleagues, and anyone you can think of. Everyone needs to experience the love of Christ Jesus.

27-29 August 2021


Live on Youtube, ZOOM, and more

Growing in Christlikeness

Christlikeness is the core of the Christian life. This is not a one-time affair but a lifelong journey to walk in obedience to Christ daily as admonished in

1 John 2:6
whoever claims to live in Christ must walk as Jesus did.

The Ghana Navigators firmly believe this, and hence Christlikeness is at the center of our fellowship.

The Ghana Navs Youth Camp over the years has been one key vehicle to drive these beliefs into the hearts of participants, who are on the journey of knowing Christ and making Him known.

This year’s 3-day event, although virtual, we are trusting God the Camp will be as impactful as the years before, with participants growing in Christlikeness.

Join us with an open heart, to learn more about Christ, and grow in your desire to pursue Christlikeness.

Welcome to the 2021 Ghana Navigators Youth Camp with the theme Growing In Christlikeness.

Event Details

Welcome Address



Address to be delivered by the National Director. Orientation to follow shortly afterwards.

Talk 1



Pastor Selassie comes your way with a Spirit filled talk on the theme ‘Growing in Christlikeness’

Talk 2



Pastor Selassie continues his talk on the theme ‘Growing in Christlikeness’.

Movie Discussions



Group discussions on what has been learned from the individual preparations

Talk 3



What better way to end the day, than share quality time with a movie that brings you closer to God?

Panel Discussion



Make time to meet with other group members to share your thoughts on the movie you saw.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the camp theme?

The Theme for this year’s camp is Growing in Christlikeness (1 John 2:6).

2. When is Camp this year?

This year camp takes place from 27th August to 29th August.

3. What is the camp song?

This year’s Camp Song is I will follow by Chris Tomlin.

4. What is the camp verse?

The Camp Verse is 1 John 2:6 from the New International Version (NIV).

5. Would the virtual camp be as exciting as the conventional camp?

Although nothing can replace the joy and excitement of the traditional residential camp, this year’s virtual camp tries to come as close as possible. We have invested time, physical resources and prayer in bringing the camp experience to you wherever you may find yourself.

6. How much money must I pay to join the camp?

Camp is absolutely FREE this year. That notwithstanding, we are receiving donations to defray costs. We would be happy to receive your donation in support of camp this year.

7. How do I donate toward the camp?

There are three ways you can donate to the camp. Details may be found here: Please use the reference: Youth Camp

8. What must I do participate in the camp?

First you should register for camp on our website – You will receive an email with camp materials. Be ready mentally and physically to participate from the 27th to 29th of August.


9. I’m having issues with registration. What do I do?

Waste no time! Contact the registration team as quickly as possible. You can reach us via email or WhatsApp or SMS message to +233 27 037 7070

10. The internet connectivity in my area is poor. How can I join?

Sessions will be made available on variety of platforms including Podcasts. You may choose to listen instead of watch if your connection is poor.


11. I hear there is such a thing as TMS review during camp. What is that?

The Topical Memory System or TMS is a Bible Memory System to help you get started on building a lifelong habit of Bible memorization. TMS consists of a pack of 60 verses themed on foundational principles for a walk of daily discipleship. Each year at camp a TMS Champ is sought and awarded. It could be you this year! The references to the list of verses in the TMS can be found here: You may purchase a regular TMS pack at The Navigators House at Dzorwulu, Accra.

12. What activities should I expect at camp?

The Virtual Camp will have most of the usual camp activities: Time with God, Sharing, Talks, Bible Studies and Fun Activities, albeit in a virtual format. To enjoy and benefit fully, you should participate fully.


13. How will I participate in the sessions during the camp?

The whole camp is hosted online this year. Sessions will be on various internet platforms, such as YouTube, Zoom and Podcasts.


14. What do I need to participate in sessions?

You will need a phone, tablet or computer to join or stream sessions. Most importantly you will need YOU, your bible, notebook and pen.


15. I do not have access to a smartphone, tablet or computer. How do I participate?

Kindly contact the Youth Camp Team for assistance. Use the contacts provided in question #9.


16. What time do sessions begin and end?

The earliest session, Time with God, begins at 6am GMT. All sessions will end by 19.00 GMT. However, individual discussion groups may arrange to continue discussions outside these times.