I met the Navigators of Ghana in my first semester at Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School (Presec Legon). At that time, I had already given my life to Christ. However, I wasn’t sure of my salvation so anytime I hear a good message on repentance, I re-give my life to Christ. It was on one of those many instances of re-giving my life to Christ that I met Mr. Kwame and Deodorus.  

There was one week-long retreat program for all first years, which was climaxed with the message of repentance, and that was how I gave my life to Christ again. New converts were then told by our Chaplain to wait after service to meet Mr. Deodorus and Kwame, and that was how it all began.

They came and spoke with us and asked if we could commit to a weekly Bible study, which I am glad today that I did agree. That was how my journey of delving deeper into the word of God began. I must admit that every session we had with these young men back at Legon campus was very interactive and practical.

When I got admitted to the University (KNUST), that didn’t mark the end of the exciting journey I had started with the Navigators. Deodorus was able to connect me with Dr. Selassie, field staff of the Navigators, through whom I also had the privilege to meet other Navigators like Dr. Nancy, K. Boadi, and Foster Amuzu.

It is interesting that the impact on my life through the Kumasi campus ministry of the Navigators got even better. One of the things I admire about the Navigators that is worth sharing is the continuous reference to the Bible in finding answers to everyday life questions. I am always referred to the Bible and also being helped to get answers from it. As a result of this approach, I have learned to find answers using the Bible as a reference, and now I can help others to do the same.

The other main impact for me from the Navigators has been the studies on the assurances. Now more than ever, I have built some convictions, and I desire that everyone gets access to the studies on these assurances. Today, I consciously share my convictions with others, trusting God to help them build theirs as well.

I am happy I met the Navigators as early as my secondary school days.

By: Elias Mawuli Nyamekye

Elias is currently studying Human Biology (Medicine) at KNUST and he’s a member of the Kumasi campus ministry of the Navigators Ghana.

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