Marriage is an institution that God himself brought into existence. As a result, God expects everyone who has gotten the privilege of marrying to work diligently to ensure their marriage glorifies Him. This is because each person must one day give an account of their marriage in the presence of God, whether good or otherwise.

On May 11, 2024, the Navigators of Ghana couples had the opportunity to meet again in Kumasi for a great time of fellowship. This is an annual event that brings couples together to share quality time and discuss deep things that will help them build godly marriages.

During the meeting this year, participants tackled two key subjects: differences between the two sexes and how this plays out in marriage, as well as communication in marriage. Attendees left the gathering with the understanding that men and women are different in so many ways. Knowing these differences helps one to understand their spouse better so that they can meet their needs and also so that they do not take offense easily.

Through the discussion, participants also admitted that just knowing about these differences does not automatically solve problems in marriage. But each couple needs God’s help to be able to put their spouse’s needs above theirs.

Again, on the topic of communication, couples were encouraged to try as much as possible to communicate at the highest level, which is level 5, where both spouses feel free to be vulnerable without fear. Attaining this stage takes a lot of intentionality, work, and practice. Open communication can only happen when each person feels safe enough to share deep things, and couples must work hard at creating this safe environment in their marriages.

In summary, couples were admonished to take their spouse’s preferences seriously to make sure they were meeting each other’s needs.

Watch out for more interactive and impactful programs from the Family Life and Relationship Ministry in the coming months.

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  1. Kwame Asomaning June 1, 2024 at 7:33 pm - Reply

    Great write up. I learnt a lot. Thanks for sharing

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