The Navigators of Ghana had yet another important gathering on April 27, 2024, the Annual General Meeting. It was a great opportunity for all members of the organization to consider the 2023 Ministry Report and other important things.

As an organization that strives to always improve its way of doing things to meet international best practices, the meeting was hybrid. Members had the chance to choose either to attend in person or virtually.

It was clear that the hybrid method was a laudable idea, as the meeting recorded 50 participants, with 32 joining via Zoom while 18 were physically present.

The National Director, Mr. John Komla Ansah, had the opportunity to present to participants the 2023 Ministry Report, while Mr. Benedict Quansah-Cofie presented the 2023 financial statements. All participants had an equal opportunity to clarify their doubts concerning the two reports presented.

The Board Chairman of the Navigators of Ghana, Mr. Nii Nortey Quist-Thurston, also took the opportunity to announce the renewal of the tenure of the National Director, as the first tenure expires in June 2024. He stated that the necessary procedures for the renewal were followed by the regional African team, and a 100% unanimous decision was reached for the renewal to be done.

During the meeting, the National Director again took the chance to express his gratitude to members for their dedicated support and commitment during his first tenure which ends soon, and also implored them to continue to render better support and commitment even as the organization focuses on the leading of the Holy Spirit for the next 5 years.

The meeting was a success by all standards, and thank you to all those who supported making the gathering memorable.

God bless you all.

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