As a young woman preparing to enter the university, I had been battling with uncertainty about my salvation growing up. I wrestled with the belief that Christianity was based on obeying laws to gain salvation. I felt I was going to hell whenever I broke the law of the church I attended.

When I went to KNUST in 2017, I was still having doubts about my salvation because all I had been taught growing up was that my works and righteous acts could guarantee my salvation, especially following the doctrine of the church.

I was invited to join the Navigators Bible study on campus by my churchmates Foster and Ablorde. The fellowship was different from anything I had experienced before, from the very topic discussed to how everyone was expected to share their take on a verse and what God was teaching them. One of the topics treated was the assurance of salvation, which gave me a deeper understanding of what salvation truly meant. Romans 10:9-10 made a difference in my life as I pondered on these verses. I gave my life to Christ after the study, knowing clearly and fully understanding the decision I made unlike the numerous times before when I responded to altar calls.

Things began turning around for me, and I wanted to know more about the Christ that I had accepted to be Lord of my life. So, I decided to be committed to joining the Navigator Bible studies held on campus. It has been an exciting journey knowing more about God, letting the Holy Spirit guide me through hard times, and growing a deeper relationship with God.

In my final year, I committed to be discipled by Eli alongside Hannah, Gina, and Lucy. That was the beginning of my discipleship journey, and it produced a great personal transformation. Even after school, Eli was available to help us in our walk with God, and she met us regularly to treat different topics, which helped to shape us as young women serving Jesus Christ. Combining discipleship and work was tough at a point because I was coming back from work tired and still had to prepare and be present for Bible study, but that did not stop me from joining any of our meetings.

There has been a great transformation in my life: I have confidence in Christ and myself, as I’ve been given the opportunity to serve in different areas of the ministry. I used to be very shy, but I have practiced and improved on public speaking. I’ve learned to put my trust in the Lord, and He has come through for me countless times in hardship and difficult times. Making Christ the center of my life is not a choice I will ever regret. My favorite verse is Isaiah 41:10, which assures me of God’s presence.

One of the areas I had difficulty was the ability to share my faith with the lost, but there have been great opportunities in the Navigator ministry where I was fortunate to take part in witnessing and sharing Christ with people. God is giving me opportunities in my circle of contacts to share my faith.

I am currently discipling my younger sister Afi, whom I led to Christ and I am building friendships with some young ladies in my relationship network. I desire to help them grow to maturity in Christ as I have been helped.

Indeed, I left KNUST not just with a degree but also a deeper relationship with God through the Navigators, and a resolve to also make positive impact in the lives of others just like I had received.

By: Elolo Awusi Agbale

Elolo serves as secretary to the Transition Ministry, and she is also a member of the Communication team of the Navigators Ghana.

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