Project Description

Missions Month- May 2022

There are still 19 Unreached People Groups (UPGs)in Ghana!

Most of these tribes are found in the northern part of the country. This simply means the gospel of Jesus Christ has not fully reached these tribes. UPGs are “tribal groups” with less than 2% evangelical believers.

Over the years large numbers of the UPGs from the north have migrated to Accra in search of jobs and better life. For instance, Adenta and Madina in Accra are home to about 13 different tribal groups from the north. They too need to hear the gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom (Mark 16).

How do we reach them?
In the past few months, Members of the Navigators ministry have been seeking God in prayer five times each week for this mission field.

As part of our 5-year Strategy we plan to organize two types of Missions:
a. Mini-Missions : Focused on a selected urban area with an identifiable Missional need. Takes between 1-3 days.

b. Major-Missions: Focused on a Rural community with a Missional need. It will take between two to three weeks.

Our prayer is that God will use these efforts to draw many to Himself (Psalm 2:8). All Navigators ie workers, students, Seniors etc are invited to be part of these strategic Missional partnership efforts by giving financially, praying and coming to the field.

Our Target: This initial effort is to raise GHS 50,000 this month to support missions in Ghana and Africa. We pray that God will fill your barns and make your vats overflow.

– -The Communication Desk-Ghana Navigators