Project Description

Health Talk on Stroke – 12th February

“We are made to walk not to sit for long! This was the opener of Dr. Teddy Totimeh’s session on Stroke. It was an eye-opening session with the paediatric Neurosurgeon at the University of Ghana Medical Hospital as he took the time to explain the causes of stroke in recent times and how we can avoid its ravages.  

He emphasised the need for regular exercise because most jobs require sitting for long hours.  For the participants, it was difficult to accept that the effects of sitting for long hours can be likened to that of smoking.  Participants were encouraged to take short walks in between long sitting hours. The speaker revealed that stroke is affecting more younger people now than it has ever been!

The session ended with participants having their questions answered and being challenged to take better care of their bodies. The event was a virtual conference that allowed people across the country to join in and be enlightened. 

Our special appreciation to Dr. Teddy Totimeh for taking the time to enlighten us on the subject and to all who participated in the event. Remember, “sitting for long hours is the new smoking”- Dr. Teddy Totimeh