As part of the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Ghana Navigators, the organization has presented some items to the Hope Way Ministries orphanage home.  The items which included stationery, clothes, foodstuff and toiletries among others were given to support the work of the Hopeway Ministries Children Home at Haatso, Accra Ghana.

In his acceptance of the items worth thousands of cedis, the manager of the home, Pastor Ashely expressed their gratitude for the gesture. He also took the opportunity to state that,

“People everywhere should refrain from calling these homes designed for vulnerable children orphanage homes because the word orphan creates a miserable kind of picture in the minds of these children: A children’s home is most appropriate.”

In his brief remarks, Dr. Kwasi Nimako Boateng, a member of the Ghana Navigators Leadership Team stated that;

The Ghana Navigators are a people who believe in the relational movement of the Gospel of Jesus and that, the Gospel has no boundaries in terms of who hear, believe and accept it. The vulnerable in the society are very key targets when it comes to the movement or sharing of the Gospel and so, we (Ghana Navigators) are motivated to initiate our lasting relationship with the Hope Way Ministries with this kind gesture.

You can partner with the Ghana Navigators today by giving to support the ministry’s work for the next 50 years and also requesting to be helped in your Christian journey through a life-on- life discipleship programme.

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