On March 6, 2024, the Navigators’ family had a good time of fellowship and craft work (Navs Arts Fiesta or Day Out) at the Smilestone Montessori in Accra. This was one of the events leading up to the climax of our 50th anniversary celebration in July 2024.

It was a blend of faith and artistry where attendees had the opportunity to bring to life their craftiness. Everyone had the chance to participate in at least two of the following activities: beadwork and millinery, fabric painting, picture making, and tie and dye. Speaking to a few attendees after the event, they expressed their satisfaction with the event.

The event united and strengthened bonding among families in the ministry. It also created lasting memories as we grew relational networks to drive the advancement of the gospel in our communities and workplaces.

Stay connected to the Ghana Navigators on all our social media handles for more of this and other exciting activities ahead of the climax of our 50th-anniversary celebration in July 2024.

#Celebrating 50 years of service, faith, community, and impact.

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