For me, I have come to the conclusion that to live is Christ and to die is gain. I am going to trust God after this missions for 10 small Bible study movements in Accra Girls Senior High School. Hannah Welbeck.

I have been relieved of the fear of rejection I’ve always had when it comes to sharing the gospel through the new approach we have learned and practiced in this missions. Thus building friendships with people before introducing the Gospel to them. Delali Agra

This is my first mission experience, and I am really happy about that. Throughout this period, I have realized that people have the same needs everywhere, and these needs must be met with the gospel message. I will commit to long-term engagement with the students I am discipling on Legon campus, the people in my area of residence, and Mampong. Joshua Baidoo.

The above experiences represent a small part of what God did in answer to our prayers during our first rural missions to Ada this year. For four days, 19 of us lived in Amlakpo, a rural village in Ada. We were hosted by one family. Our goal was to survey the village and train gospel workers from the Ghana Navigators on how to engage a community with the gospel in the expectation that the Holy Spirit will trigger a gospel movement characterized by abundant fruit and rapid multiplication in successive generations.

After these four days, God indeed specially visited us, as convictions were built, doubts cleared, and fears were overcome through the various sessions participants had. In the coming days, our Missions Team will be visiting the people of Amlakpo to keep nurturing the seeds that were sown during our stay there. This calls for fervent prayers and commitment to achieve the needed results.

Therefore, keep praying with us in the following regard:

✔️ That God will continue to work on the hearts of the people of Amlakpo even as the team keeps in touch with them.

✔️ Each participant will be strengthened to implement every action point he/she has resolved to.

✔️ That God will break every obstacle that may interfere with the transformational process of the people of Amlakpo.

✔️ That God will sustain the friendships that have been initiated with these people.

Thank you for your faithful partnership.

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