To go or not.

I am Emmanuel Nii Okine. I graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and I am currently working as a Mathematics teacher at Swedru Senior High School for National Service. This is the story of how I took up the opportunity of doing my National Service with the Navigators to be posted to Swedru in the Central Region to help disciple souls that had been won at the 2018 Rural Missions at Nkum, Swedru.
There had always been the need for someone to take up his/her National Service in and around Swedru in order to effectively disciple the souls that were being won at Nkum as part of the Annual Rural Missions. At every previous Rural Missions program I had attended, the need for such a role had been discussed, but I did not consider myself as the person for that role. During my final year of school, I gave many excuses and raised objections to my appointment whenever the subject came up during the Rural Missions program. I really had no interest in being the man for the job.
I always prayed for a burden for lost souls however, the Nkum location brought little excitement to me. As I kept praying about this, I began to experience a growing burden to go to Swedru. However, my mind was clouded with questions: “Am I fit for this task? Will I succeed there at all? Will I not end up disgracing myself in the village since I will have no mentor around me?” My inability to answer these questions further dampened my spirit.
I then decided to speak to my mentor, whom I knew had experience in such matters. I got answers to my questions and was advised to spend more time praying about the situation. Just around the same time, Rev. J.F.K Mensah spoke on the topic, Laborers for the Kingdom Next Door to Everywhere. God used him to finally make the decision when he remarked during his talk, “you don’t need a prophesy to be a disciple-maker”. This statement clarified things for me and I made a firm decision to go to Swedru Senior High School for my National Service.
After a few months of being at the post, I consider it one of the best decisions of my life. God is helping me grow in the intake of His word and train others to do the same. I have had many opportunities to preach in churches and challenge other young people to surrender their lives to Jesus. I have been able to disciple Julius, a young man passionate about Jesus and sharing his faith with others. I am totally convinced God will keep using me to influence the lives of the people of Num for His glory in Jesus. I would encourage others to take up the challenge of having a short-term mission experience with the Navigators and especially to be posted for National Service in a High School within a rural community.

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